Sweet dreams are made of this.
Who am i to disagree?

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Do you ship Sweet Pea/Baby Doll?

Hm, not really. I don’t ship anyone in Sucker Punch :|

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"And if this really were a sexist movie, who cares" WE ALL should care because hey, flash news, we live in a sexist society and we should try to CHANGE things instead of accepting them. I for one find highly sexist that people consider SP chauvinist just because they're not all dressed like nuns, especialy when it comes from the same people who claim women should be free to wear what they want without being addressed as sluts. Compliments on your coherence! (great tumblr, btw, sorry lol)

OH, i totally understand your opinion and i agree. I’m sorry if i don’t make sense sometimes, but english is not my first language lol. 

But yeah, i took a while to realise that Sucker Punch is a sort of criticism to the sexist society we live in. In Sweet Pea’s first scene she says “Don’t you get the point of this? It’s to turn people on. I get the sexy little schoolgirl. I even get the helpless mental pacient, right? That can be hot.” That kinda explained a lot to me.

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Oh, God, I hate when people talk so much shit on Sucker Punch. Like this was a movie sexist and all. I mean, is totally stupid. And if this really were a sexist movie, who cares, the end of the day. Is not like this is going to be the first 'sexist' movie or something.

Right? I even hate talking about this. Sucker Punch is basically a criticism on this whole sexist thing and nobody gets that. If only they could try to pay more attention at the movie and not the girls’ clothes i bet they would actually enjoy it.

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